December 2010

2010 recapped

by Deb McCormick on December 31, 2010


I thought I would take part in a really fun blog hop today. This is from Musings of a Housewife. The rules are to put down the first line of the first blog post for each month in 2010. I tweaked mine a bit ( surprise, surprise) and chose a sentence from somewhere in a blog post […]


Tis the season to be…

by Deb McCormick on December 31, 2010


SICK. Before I whine, I will say I’m thankful the kids were healthy over Christmas and we were able to go celebrate Christmas with family. Now, with THAT out of the way – What the heck is going on?? My kids have been sick with some thing or other for over a month now. Colds […]

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The Bake-Off

by Deb McCormick on December 17, 2010

in Parenting

Due to some snow and ice, schools were closed today. Let’s see…three 4 year olds and a 2 year old…at home…together…all day. The best solution to this is to keep them busy. So I rented a couple kid movies from Amazon On Demand – and planned to also let them bake cookies. I really saw their […]


We have an ELF

by Deb McCormick on December 11, 2010


On a Shelf. The story behind this is: Every night your elf will fly back to Santa and report the things your child has done during the day. Then before the kids wake up each morning, your elf will come back. But you never know where he will decide to sit when he returns. The […]


I’m such a goofball!

by Deb McCormick on December 6, 2010

in Parenting

I had another triplet brain malfunction this morning. Notice I said “another”. I seem to have these quite often. Way to go me! **applause** You see – we had snow Saturday. In the south. And we don’t do well with snow…in the south.  I wrote a post last year about bread, milk and snow and it’s […]