August 2011

I’m going to re-name this recipe to Pineapple Dream. Is that OK? I have nothing against preachers. I love preachers. My uncle is a preacher. But Pineapple Dream sounds so…dreamy…and tasty. I got this recipe from my mom, (AKA Mimi, or AKA Ms Williams Sonoma) She has many names. Make it and enjoy it. I […]


K5 is going well. The kids seems to really like it and the teachers, and they are making friends. I was helping them with their homework last night. I have to do the same homework sheet three times in a row. Because I have triplets. In case you are new to my blog and did […]


You know those really nice photos of food that are so bright and clear, it looks like the plate is sitting right in front of you?  That you could just reach out with your fork and grab a big ole bite of it? Yeah, me too. There are many food blogs and websites that have […]


I had “the moment” when I heard my daughter say “This is the dress” It was emotional It was priceless I can’t believe my little girl is getting married. Next March, she will be a Mrs. How can that possibly be?? HOW? We had a fabulous time together. Just me and her. And what is […]


Fun Things I see On Google

by Deb McCormick on August 26, 2011


The sky is the limit when seeing options for decorating with canvas. I love this idea and it seems so easy – just get fabric you love and cover it!  I love the blue and black together. I saw these and had to smile. I think they may be tooth fairy pillows? But teeth or […]