The correct answer is not always the right answer

by Deb McCormick on August 30, 2011

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K5 is going well. The kids seems to really like it and the teachers, and they are making friends. I was helping them with their homework last night. I have to do the same homework sheet three times in a row. Because I have triplets. In case you are new to my blog and did not know that. Triplets….three times in a row….welcome to the McCormick Tutoring Service.  No, there are no spots available. We are full.

They are learning the sounds letters make. We are on sound B this week.

Circle the pictures that start with  B


Our conversations went like this, each time I called one of them to the “school table”.

“Ok Luke, I need you to look at each picture, and circle it IF it starts with the   ‘BA’ sound”

“What is this picture”?

“BA, BA,… Apple”

“No no no, don’t circle it! Does is start with the sound  ‘BA’?

“BA, Apple”…. “yes”

“No, listen to me…you don’t say the sound of B and then the name of the picture. Don’t say BA. Ok, now look at this picture and tell me what it is.”


“YES!! Very good – now, does apple start with ‘BA’?


“No…it doesn’t! Listen to the sound BA. Does apple start with BA or Aaaaa?


“Good!”…………………….Luke? Don’t circle the apple! You are not circling the apple because it starts with Aaaaa, not BA”.   “Do you understand?”

“Ok, now look at this picture and think about it really good. Does this picture start with the ‘BA’ sound?”


“Luke… listen to me. Yes it does.  Look at the picture and say what it is and listen closely to the sound.”

“Ok, now try it again.”





 I had to go through the same conversation three times.  These kids are way too much alike. And I need to talk to Mrs. Crowell about the whole parrot or bird thing.  It’s hard enough helping them with their sounds and then I have to  explain that “Yes that IS actually a parrot but in THIS example it is just a bird and it begins with BA, NOT PA, so we have to circle it.


“BA parrot”


“Just circle the Parrot!  Now go play.”

Somebody send me sympathy money… please.

They underestimate just how smart little 5 year olds can be.

Paypal linky will be up shortly.

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