September 2011

Homework Follies

by Deb McCormick on September 30, 2011

in MISC, Parenting

Yes, I am writing about homework again. I’m so incredibly sorry. Let me ask you a question. Should a 5 year old know how to draw a goat? What about a coat? Or a log? A dinosaur? Because my kids?….can’t.The homework sheets they do every night has a section where they have to draw certain […]


Go Go Power Rangers…. Aghhhh…Nick, Rita are you alright? FINE! You shouldn’t have called your friends. Meta Core, Mega Zore….it’s time for the selection ceremony….Agh……My name is serpentine and I’m here to destroy the world… These guys are in big trouble… we gotta do something… This is what I’m listening to in the background as I’m typing […]


Bowtie Lasagna

by Deb McCormick on September 27, 2011

in Food

I was talking to my friend Ree, (The Pioneer Woman) the other day. She said ‘Deb, you just have to try this recipe because  it is quick and easy and I know you like recipes like this.”  And I was all, “OK, I will try it – thanks so much Ree!” We talked a little […]


With four kids, often times they all sort of blend together.  A day becomes another day, which then becomes another day and sometimes I feel like we don’t do enough to let one child shine. We get busy picking up toys from the floor for the 100th time, throwing a load of dirty clothes in […]


Much to do about nuthin’

by Deb McCormick on September 23, 2011


I have no special blog post to write this evening. It’s just been an ordinary past few days. So I’m typing… but you know what? I don’t really know what I will end up writing, other than telling you that Leo is  in North Carolina with Debbie. (Hey wait a minute! I’m Debbie from North […]



by Deb McCormick on September 22, 2011


The first two pictures were taken by Jackie Clagett (also referred to on this blog as “mom”, “Mimi”, “Ms Williams-Sonoma”) The editing was done my “me” using Photoshop Elements 9. The last picture’s source is unknown – I received it via e-mail. Birds are amazing creatures, aren’t they? Mimi has an African Gray Parrot that […]