September 2011

Homework Follies

September 30, 2011

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Yes, I am writing about homework again. I’m so incredibly sorry.

Let me ask you a question. Should a 5 year old know how to draw a goat? What about a coat? Or a log? A dinosaur? Because my kids?….can’t.The homework sheets they do every night has a section where they have to draw certain quantities of something. (Example: draw three boats….draw 2 birds, etc.) I do not like this section. This section causes me stress. Because my kids can’t draw. Is this my fault? Should I have taught them how to draw things like this before now?

So because my kids can’t draw, or because I haven’t taught them how to draw things outside of the normal things like house, person, sunshine, etc. I have to do their homework. Sort of. I have to draw them a picture they can use as reference for when they are drawing their ‘own’ submarine. (These homework pictures are high tech – I’m serious)

So last night, they had to draw  2 goats. Goats! Most pictures I can handle. But when the goat thing came up…I was…clueless. I was tired – my mind was on its way out for the evening, and I just couldn’t get it in my head. A goat….a goat….horns?…..what shape is the head?etc.  We went through several prior issues of me saying “OK, draw this”, and them replying  “I don’t know how”. The last one went like this:

Me: Draw 2 goats.
Them: I don’t know how to draw a goat.
Me: sigh OK…draw a circle for the head and another bigger circle for the body – then put eyes, a nose, mouth, and ears – like this.

Deb’s goat

Luke: That’s not a goat!
Me: Yes it is!
Luke: It’s a CAT!
Me: Well draw it, and we will call it a goat.
Luke: I can’t
Me: Yes you can
Luke: I only know how to draw people.
Me:  OK – draw a person and we will call it a goat.

( I am such a good teacher)

Luke’s two “goats”