Kitchen Remodeling – revamped island

I’m so excited my friends! My kitchen remodeling project is done. Now I have more counter space and since we always do buffet style, it gives me more room to spread the food out and also the plates as I’m fixing them for the kids. Hubhunk also made a side for bar stools so we can use it to eat on as well.







and pay attention to this next picture. Because I deserve it.

A moment of silence please.

That’s me. Working. In my mask because of the fumes.

I’m so awesome.

(OK moving on…)


Get off my leg!



Pretty cool huh?

I love it.


And my snack I had afterwards?

Oh yes I did!

Sometimes it feels so good to be bad.




  1. Just love it, Deb! What a great job! Having an island is the best part of my kitchen; it gives me a place to hide while I create.

    You need a sign like I have hanging over my sink window….”Be Careful How You Address the Queen” It gives me such a sense of enpowerment while I’m in my domain, lolol

    My compliments to Hubhunk!
    Patty laughed psychotically while writingHey there, Grandma!My Profile

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