I want to be a farmer – Part 2

by Deb McCormick on November 10, 2011

in Life On The Farm, Our Alpacas

OK, now where was I? I was so tired last night folks, when I was writing my 1st post about the farm trip. I couldn’t keep my eyes open while sitting at the keyboard. I did something I haven’t done in probably a year. Went to bed at 11 PM.  The Kindergarten field trip was fun, but tiring at the same time. There are two times when a bed feels the best it can possibly feel. 1) When you’re so exhausted you don’t care about anything or anyone around you at the moment, and 2) When your alarm clock goes off the next morning. Why does a bed feel so good when you have to crawl out of it at 6 AM? It’s just not fair.

Moving on…

The kids got to experience their first corn maze.

I have never seen that many 5 year olds together running that fast. It was very funny. All the bright green shirts blended together and looked like a solid fast moving river of green.

Zoe wants a Pony. I think Olivia probably wants one too.

I could seriously love a pony.

She also wants a rabbit.

She has brought home the same book “A Practical Guide To Caring For Your Rabbit” from the school library. Twice.

I wish I could adopt the lady that read stories to the kids.

Because they never act like this when I read to them.


And for the kids… so when they are all grown up, they will know I was there on their field trip.

“let’s git up here in this here wagon and git ourselves on a hay ride! Yeehaw!

Then there was the pumpkin patch. All laid out perfectly.

Today’s kids are so soft.

And the highlight of the day was when a rooster was brave enough(or stupid enough) and wandered out of his safe place.

I don’t think he will be doing that again any time soon.


Part 3 is coming up on Friday. I will explain why you should never go anywhere with me and my mother.

Oh and P.S. –  Zoe wants a rabbit.

P.S.S. – I’m going to talk Hubhunk into getting one for her. And 3 more for the others.

(Maybe we can start a rabbit farm)

P.S.S.S. – What does P.S. mean?

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