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by Deb McCormick on December 28, 2011


I want to share some pictures from our Christmas celebration at Mimi and Pop’s house. You remember Mimi, right? I talk about her often. heh heh. But first, let me tell you that the Vtech InnoTabs I bought the kids this Christmas were such a blessing. I should have done this 2 years ago. I think I’m seriously in the Twilight zone because never have all 4 kids been awake and quiet. I’m deliriously giddy.

Our day at Mimi and Pop’s

Christmas is for kids. And in our family, there are a lot of them. In the picture below, my four from left to right: Wade, Luke, Olivia, Zoe. Trey and Audrey are my other two but they are adults and it would look a little silly if we lined them up too. But don’t think for one second I didn’t think of embarrassing them that way.

To keep things semi-organized, we lined all the kids up and put their pile right in front of them. The rules were to open one gift and wait until everyone was done and also for ME to tell them when to start on the second gift. I had all the power. All of a sudden I was THE favorite mom/aunt in the world. I refrained from messing with their heads which is what I would normally do. I put my own needs aside. It was hard but I survived.

These are my two boys. They look so sweet. Wait, ARE these my boys? I’m confused because they aren’t fighting.


We always play Dirty Santa, after the kids are finished opening presents. We are ruthless. It is war. I have a few “tame” pictures to show. It got too ugly for me to keep taking pictures. I had to defend myself instead of holding the camera.


And Mimi and Pop are THE coolest grandparents around because they have a Wii. At the end of the night we let the kids play.

Zoe cracks us up. She gets so into it, and her butt is just a shaking and her arms just a swinging.

It’s easy to tell if things are going well when Luke plays.

And after all the toys are opened, Olivia forgoes all the new stuff and builds herself a fort out of old toys and shoes.

And last but not least, I give you….Mimi’s socks

I  hope you all had a lovely, fun and crazy Christmas…because that’s the only way to have one.

Happy Holidays!


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