Just a normal day on the farm…

Little Miss Farm Girl

I am getting into a good routine of “farm girl” duties. I put on my heavy work jacket, my barn boots, and go out every morning to feed, water, and check on the animals. I am enjoying it and look forward to the hums I get greeted with every time I walk up with the feed bucket. Alpacas hum. Did you know that?

    • We found a professional shearer that will do it for us this April. I want to learn how to do it myself, but felt I needed to watch the first time and then be taught how to do it. And I plan on sending the wool to a fiber mill to be spun into yarn or roving – and then selling it. I would love to learn how to spin it myself one day.

  1. I know you don’t have enough things to do ;-) so I passed on a blogger award to you! No pressure to accept of course but just bask in the goodness of being a versatile blogger! Cheers!

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