Alpacas…Alpacas are everywhere!

by Deb McCormick on February 20, 2012


We had a blast this weekend at the Carolina Alpaca Celebration in Charlotte. It was our first time going and we learned so much and met some good contacts. It was very productive for our business and we couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. I have a few pictures of the event and I thought you may want to take a peek.

Huacaya male, true black – show ring.

See that girl in the white shirt? That’s me, walking up the middle isle inside the Arena. In case you wanted to know.

This is David. David liked this trailer. A lot.

Another show inside the arena after the ribbons were awarded. These are the winners. I think the conversation going on was something like this: “congratulations – she is really pretty.” “Awwwww, thank you! But no – yours is prettier!”  ” Oh noooo, yours is!” “OH thanks guys – ya’ll did so great!” “YOU DID TOO”. “No, I could have done better.” “NO, you did FINE, really!” “Are you sure?”

Fleece was all around. It is the most silky, soft, thing I have ever felt. You can’t help but sink your hands down in it. Have you ever had a pair of Alpaca socks? You would cry. Seriously.

Where’s David? Oh, he is at the trailer. Again.

Gorgeous dyed Alpaca yarn.

Look at some of this Fiber Art. How about a woven scarf? Or a felted hat? These were amazing and I am so going to learn how to do this.

I seriously snort laughed when I saw this. To seasoned alpaca show people, this isn’t funny and makes perfect sense. To me, it was hysterical because I’m a newbie. And because I’m immature.

Has anyone seen David??

We will be going back again next year and taking a few of our Alpacas and showing them.

Have a super day, friends~

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