Oh, I am SO going to blog about you!

I am writing this blog post today because I am concerned over something that was said to me in one of my comments. This comment came from my very own daughter. It was about her Bridal shower and then my blog post about it. She was mortified because the pictures I posted of her were not , in her mind, good pictures. You all know how 20 somethings are, right? For one, they are all beautiful and young with good skin. So when I hear this from a 20 something-er…I have a hard time sympathizing. At my age, when my picture is taken, all I pray for is that it will not look like I’m one of those “look what Meth does to you” photos.

So I thought I would get my lovely internet best buds to help me out today. Because I just can’t figure out why Audrey is having a hard time with the photos I am using to tell the story of her Bridal shower!

I mean, I just take the pictures…I can’t control how they will turn out, can I?

I’m confused as to why she wasn’t happy with them. It’s true I’ve misplaced my glasses and can’t see very well. However, from what I can tell through the slight blur, she looks fine! Right?

I have been told we look alike. This is a picture of us SOOC (straight out of the camera). I should have done a little photoshop retouching on myself. I usually do that, but this photo was really good of me so I didn’t have to do any re-touching at all. Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t think I looked that good. What a nice surprise.
And Audrey is fine too, isn’t she? I don’t understand AT ALL, what all the fuss is about.



Confused, in NC.

  1. BAHAHAHAHA…as a mid-20′s-something, I can assure you, she’ll eventually get over herself. ;-) (I’m 26. When I was 20-21, I was the same way she is. I think the few years between early 20′s to mid 20′s changes most women…for the better.)

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  2. My daughter is only 9 but I so plan to take a page from the Book of You in about (let’s hope) 15 years. I mean, if we can’t laugh at our kids, what’s the point in having them? Funny.

  3. You are so funny! Your daughter looks beautiful (you both do!), but I know how it is when I don’t like a picture of myself. I hate it when my husband says, “Well, that’s how you look!” I’m like, “NO, IT ISN’T!”

    (Thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny last week!)

  4. I must tell you that if you are the example of what meth does to you, keep it up! Your daughter should hope to look as good as you do when she reaches your age. She’s a beautiful girl, even without the photoshopping :-) but she takes after her Mom.

  5. This was too funny. I just recently took a picture of my niece and my daughter (twenty-something) in the NYC subway. It was cute. I was told that I needed to warn them so they could pose! So much for in the moment! lol

    • sigh – the important things in life to a 20 year old, huh? At my age I just say “hurry up and take the dang picture!”

  6. Love it! And you are both gorgeous women. And I’m kinda glad my kids are little yet because they only get excited when they see pictures of themselves on the computer.

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  8. Love the mole on the nose! And yes, your straight out of the camera look is perfect – no photo shop needed. Maybe I should try your camera cause mine I always need a little something;)

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