The Alpaca Sagas – ditch diggin’

March 23, 2012

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I put on my farmer hat again and got back to reality now that the wedding is over and things have settled back down. That means it is time to dig a ditch. Yeehaw! Because I am so sweet my Hubhunk will grant me every wish I make. HA! HAAAA!, I say! But he did agree to my plea that I need electricity and water hooked up to our Alpaca feeding shed.

Mimi is going to keep the kiddo’s overnight so we can roll up our sleeves and get this party started. I actually just typed  “roll up our sleeves and git er done“…but I hate that and it always makes my skin crawl when the guy on Jeff Foxworthy says it. So I back-spaced and re-wrote it to sound more cool. Heeeyyyyy man…let’s get this party started duuude. See? I’m really a cool person. sigh – I’m rambling… because I’m supposed to be outside right now with David as he digs the ditch. I told him I had to research something real quick online and I would be out there shortly. So….how much time do we have? You can read for an hour?!? Awesome….because I will be glad to sit here with you for an hour instead of going out in the heat and standing next to a pile of dirt and the smell of gasoline emitting from the digger. He will surely understand.


So anyway – yes…the ditch.


And all the Alpacas say in unison… Whoooooaah dude – what are you doin’ to our pad, man?

I love hanging out with these little critters. I sat and chatted with them as they ate their breakfast this morning.


OK – slow down! I cannot hear both of you at the same time! So you were telling me a funny story about what happened to you yesterday?


“why yes I was, Deb – thanks for asking. You see…it all started when…”

OK, OK, why don’t you wait and tell me after you are finished eating. And then we will talk about table manners.

“Table? Did someone say something about a table?? I like tables!

Um, Sapphire…would you like a napkin?


Alright – Reluctantly I must drag my behind back outside and act like the supportive wife that I am and stand by my man’s side while we sweat together.

Have a sweet Friday…man.



Kim March 24, 2012 at 8:30 am

Aww, they are so darn cute! I would be a good “researcher” too while hubs was digging that ditch! :-) He would have me disappear for hours. Maybe you could offer to bring him a lemonade?? It’s the little things, right???

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