Taking Your Own Self Portraits: and why it makes me feel like singin’

You know those times in the past when I have whined about not being in many family photographs? The complaints about always being behind the camera and never in the action? Well, it hasn’t gotten any better. Hubunk tries – he really does…but it just doesn’t happen most of the time. So sometimes you just gotta figure out a way on your own, ya know?

Because let’s face the facts. Most moms are not in many photographs. Picture taking is so important to women. They want to capture their life with their family.

Or, er…pets. They want to see themselves as part of the memories they are capturing. They want their kids to have pictures of “mom” there with them.

I want my kids to know I was actually around them when they were growing up and to avoid the conversation around the dinner table when they are grown of something along the lines of “Mom, where were you?” 

“who me?” I would ask. And then I would joke and say “Oh… the reason was”:

A) “you were so weird I spent your childhood stoned and never came around you unless it was Christmas or your birthday. See…here? Christmas…and here is another one on your birthday.”

B) “I was only on season 2 of the bachelor on Netflix streaming and had 3 more seasons to go through.”  

And then when I had their attention and had them doubting my affection, I would tell them the truth:

C) “I was there, sweet cakes, loving every minute of your smiles, but you will never know that because you can’t see me in all those old photographs you’re holding.”

“You don’t remember me being there that time when I saw the sunlight catch in your eye and filter through your hair, and thought ‘Heavens! How I love that kid!’  But I remember. Because I was there. With you.”

Today I am changing the pattern, by golly!  Today I have memories captured. And if you look at my hand in these photographs you will see the little remote thingy I used to snap photos after I set up the camera on a tripod and set it to remote shutter. My only regret is not thinking of this sooner.



  1. Great post! You’re absolutely right – how can you be in the picture when the perfect moment only lasts for an instant and you feel like if you don’t capture right then it will be gone forever? But it’s not gone forever, because you can remember without the picture. The kids are the ones who need the pictures. Good for you for getting those shots with you in them!


    • exactly! And the bad thing is you really don’t think about it until it is too late and then all of a sudden years down the road, there aren’t any pictures. :(

  2. that is brilliant!! And the pictures are excellent. I asked my mom the same thing – why wasn’t she in any of our old pictures? Because she took a bunch of them.

  3. These are super cute pictures! It reminds me of the “Llama, Llama Misses Mama” or “Llama, llama, red pajama” books. You look pretty and these pictures are precious. Yeah, remotes!

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