Photo Dump of total randomness

by Deb McCormick on March 2, 2014


After Christmas I thought, Boy I loved the holidays this year but I’m so ready to get back to the everyday. I wanted things to slow down a bit. What is ironic about this is the fact that things really haven’t slowed down at all. I’m just as busy doing non- holiday-ee stuff. Which brings me to the reason for this blog post. As I sat here looking over a bunch of snap shots I took recently, I realized just how busy life is. And just how many places we go…and just how one day blends into the next.

So to catch up on the what-not – here is a collection of  some memorable events from the last two months.

Liv hospital

In December, my youngest had her Adenoids removed and ear tubes placed in. Thankfully, she can hear now and is catching up in school.

After Christmas, when Audrey and Jonathan went back to Spain, she kept trying to Skype with me…and I kept forgetting our dates. She finally made another Skype date and texted me to remember and write it on the milk carton if that helps me to remember!

So I did.


And I forgot again. At 1:00 Sunday, I was at the grocery store.

This is what happens when the kids wake up before I do.

cell ph bomb

I’m going to have to start hiding my cell phone.

Last weekend we took a bunch of our Alpaca fleece to the Carolina Alpaca Show. We took the kids with us this time. Here, we have them packed up, bright and early, getting ready to hit the road.

kids in car

Next year I’m leaving them at home. Do you want to know why? Never mind.

After the show, we went to have a little fun. I have a sad feeling about this photo. Sad, because I can tell that soon the kids are going to age-out of Merry Go Rounds. The joy has diminished over the years. Before it was “please please please please please!!!!!” Now it is, ” Do you want to ride it?” “hmmmm, okay.”

merry go round

Especially, this guy.

wade - merry go round

I think he just rode it to humor me.

But not this one

liv merry go round

Maybe I’ll have a couple more years of Merry-Go-Round magic, after all.

We learned something in our parenting journey…

liv salad

Start ordering a salad for Olivia. So we can enjoy our own.

Yesterday, we bought our hermit crabs a new piece of real estate.

hermit crabs

My hermit crabs are spoiled.

This is Cutie

hermit crabs 2

And this is the new tenant. He started renting from us yesterday.

hermit crab

We fear he may have anti-social disorder.

If I was a hermit crab…

crab shack

I would live in The Crab Shack.

And the last photo is of this totally random vehicle we saw last week. And of course, I was caught (by the owner in the gray shirt) taking a photo of it. I’m sure he is used to that though.

funny truck

He got in it, cranked it up, and drove on his merry way.

I’m still wondering how something like this would past inspection.

So, from hospital beds, to road trips, to milk jugs, to hermit crabs…

life goes on.


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Jennifer Steck March 3, 2014 at 10:01 pm

I loved following your journey, Deb. The incredible photos made me smile and remember many years ago when my son was small. Enjoy the moments. :)
Jennifer Steck laughed psychotically while writingTough Love WritingMy Profile


Deb McCormick March 5, 2014 at 8:41 am

Thanks Jennifer :) Time speeds by way too fast, doesn’t it?
Deb McCormick laughed psychotically while writingPhoto Dump of total randomnessMy Profile


Lisa Newlin March 4, 2014 at 1:22 am

I am now going to write myself reminders in milk cartons. That’s genius.

Your hermit crab also has nicer digs than I do.
Lisa Newlin laughed psychotically while writingThe different types of neighborsMy Profile


Deb McCormick March 5, 2014 at 8:42 am

yeah…except when you don’t open the fridge much. Then, not so much. lol
Deb McCormick laughed psychotically while writingPhoto Dump of total randomnessMy Profile


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