Alpaca Farm, Yarn, and Chicken Coop Updates

by Deb McCormick on April 7, 2014

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Friday and Saturday? Gorgeous weather here in NC! And the perfect time to build a…


Chicken Coop.

This structure was our Alpaca feeding shed/shelter. Since we now have our barn, this will be our chicken house. (here chicky chicky chicky chicky) Sorry, just practicing my chicken voice.

It’s been awhile since I shared some Alpaca photos here on the blog. Abby is getting big, the Alpacas are getting full with fiber, and they are also still extremely curious. Or nosy. Actually curious and nosy really mean the same thing, don’t they? Oh how confusing our English language makes things!

This is the front of our finished barn.

red barn

We don’t have our sliding barn doors yet, but with summer approaching we really don’t need to worry about that now. We will move that to the bottom of the To-Do list for now.

This is my baby. This is the baby from that morning when I went to feed the Alpacas and walked up to a birth in process. Alone, I assisted the mother with the delivery. I named her Abby Lynn. ( Lynn is my middle name) I will keep her forever.

Abby standing

Abby through fence


We are so happy to have a 100% closed in room for the Alpacas. The previous shed worked pretty well keeping them dry, but not like our barn does. Our girls are very “homey” creatures. They spend the better part of each day hanging out inside the barn.

In barn


Our boys are more rambunctious, out investigating things, being nosy…or curious..or nosey…..

through fence

Well, hello little fellas! NO you cannot come in the front door! Go to your side please.

We have yarn! This is from Sapphire and it just came in. I also have light fawn yarn but it is selling fast and I only have a few left.

Sapphire yarn 1


I’m working on my online store and will announce it when it is open for business.

Also, just want to ask y’all…Is your To-Do list as long as mine is? It seems as if the more I cross off, the more things jump back on.

Have a happy Monday


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Christy Garrett Parenting Tips April 7, 2014 at 6:54 pm

Your alpaca’s are so pretty. I love learning more about them and enjoy seeing their photos. They made beautiful yarn too. ;)


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