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Hi, and welcome to Wrinkled Mommy.

profile2 (2)My name is Debbie, and I am the voice behind the blog. I enjoy coming here to jot down my thoughts, family stories, complaints, and acquired wisdom.

I  have triplets. They are now eight years old. And I have a five year old, AND a 29 year old and a 26 year old.

When I was nearing the empty nest finish line, I started new motherhood all over again. Some people asked me if I were crazy. Some people pointed out that I was not a spring chicken any longer. Many people smiled and congratulated me but I always wondered what they were really thinking. But that’s ok. I’ve had many confusing thoughts myself, and I would be lying if I claimed this journey had been all magical, rewarding, and perfect. It’s been great. But it’s been hard. At 45 years old I had four children all under the age of two. It was a very difficult time and many times the only way I kept my sanity was to close the door to the messy rooms, grab and hug a kid, and then find something to laugh at. But at the end of each day I always feel so blessed to be on this journey.

A little bit about my family:

Our family believes in getting away from electronics as much as possible and getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine. We believe kids learn more valuable lessons in life by climbing trees and building forts with rocks and sticks than staring at a video monitor while fighting green monsters.

We believe in getting back to basics, cooking as much as possible from scratch, and pushing ourselves to slow down in a ridiculously fast paced world. We believe in buying organic when we can (afford it) and not worrying about it when we can’t. We believe chicken nuggets are delicious. We believe in God and salvation, and because of that we have peace for the future.

So, welcome to my little piece of the internet. I hope you find something to read that you enjoy.

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