Where the heck is Leo?!?


Have you guys wondered where Leo has been lately?  I just heard from him, and he is in Michigan visiting Andrea from Paralegal Mom. I am a bit concerned because Leo seems to be relapsing back into his shopaholic tendencies. And Andrea seems to be an enabler. Thanks a lot Andrea. Head on over ya’ll […]


Hey fabulous people! I just heard from Leo and he is have a great time in Utah with Jamie from Two Lovebirdies. Head over to say hello to Jamie and read all about Utah and what Leo has been up to. This has been such a fun little game we’ve been playing. I hope you […]


Hey all you Leo followers! Leo safely arrived at Kathy’s house in Wisconsin. It looks like she is already spoiling him by putting some “bling” on his ear. He is going to be rotten by the time he ever decides to come back home. Kathy blogs at Not Just Embroidery. Head on over and tell […]


Leo is in Texas, Ya’ll! He is visiting with the lovely and SUPER funny Kelley, from Kelley’s Break Room. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, you are missing out. So head on over and read about how Leo helped Kelley’s marriage. That Leo! – He is one remarkable monkey. Make sure you browse around some […]


That Leo! He is one lucky sock monkey. The beach, Leo? Are you serious? I haven’t been able to go to the beach in 7 years. 7 YEARS Leo! Must be nice. To see all the super cute and funny pictures of Leo with his friends Northern North American Bears – click HERE. If you […]

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