Weekly Letters To My Family

Dear Ninja – I’m trying to understand why you became so angry when Wade threw your book bag out on the parking lot today. I’ve seen you kick it with each step to get it in the house before. Please explain.     Dear Pint Size Wrecking Ball – So I noticed you have a […]

Dear Ninja:  When you come up to me to ask a question and you say “I know you are going to say no, but…” I just want you to know it makes me feel like a bad mom. So yes, I AM going to say no just because you said I would.   Dear pint […]


Dear Luke: When are your front teeth going to get loose? I’m concerned(since your brother Wade has already lost three of his and yours still feel like they are cemented in your gums – and I know the worst thing a parent can do is compare their kids to each other – but still!) What […]


Dear Luke – I’m glad that you don’t hold in your frustrations. But every time you get irritated, the stomping wherever you walk is really getting old. Can you maybe try to wave your hands next time?   Dear Wade – You are a tough kid and I am amazed at how well you handled […]


Dear Luke: It is your cute face, mild right side dimple, and your freckles across the bridge of your nose that kept my wrath at bay while I searched for 30 minutes for the remote control, after you were already asleep last night. I knew you hid it somewhere and I was right. So very […]