Weekly Letters To My Family

LukeTNDear Ninja – I’m trying to understand why you became so angry when Wade threw your book bag out on the parking lot today. I’ve seen you kick it with each step to get it in the house before. Please explain.



wadeTNDear Pint Size Wrecking Ball – So I noticed you have a northern accent. How did you get it? You’re seven and live in North Carolina. Please explain.



ZoeTNDear Zo – Repunzel is not real and you can’t let your hair grow out that long. Please realize this on your own so I don’t have to squash your dreams and be the bad guy. (Sooner better than later because you need a hair cut.)



LivTNDear Liv – At the movie Theatre, you are supposed to watch the movie, not flip all the arm rests up and then down and then up and then down on the whole row in front of us. Luckily there were no people using whose seats. And you’re short.



TreyTNDear Trey – Remember telling me this morning there was a bee in the window and I asked you to kill it for me? Then later you said you did? And I said, “It’s still moving its legs.”  Then you said “Don’t worry, it is dying, trust me.” And then I said, “I’m worried that it is just hurt and it may get better and then start to fly again.” Then you said, “No that will not happen.” Well guess what? It’s GONE! If I get stung, it’s all on you buddy! All on you!!

audreyTNDear Audrey – Hola! Miss you and can’t wait to see you over Christmas!




DavidTNDear David – Even though you deny it and don’t believe me, I seriously can feel you snoring when you are asleep in bed and I am upstairs in one of the kid’s bedrooms. The whole floor vibrates.  Even the kids sometimes ask me where the plane is.  And it hurts my feelings when you don’t take me seriously when I tell you about Restless Leg Syndrome. It’s a real ailment and you SO have it.

Love you all!



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