I am ready to share a secret. I’ve been working on a project since the beginning of 2015 and I kept it under wraps for a bit until I was ready to share it.

I am closing down this blog. I have felt the need for change for quite a while. In fact, for the last year or so. It felt “right” to just start over instead of making changes to this blog to adapt my new focus for 2015 and beyond.

If you have enjoyed coming here and reading my blog posts, I invite you to come see me at my new site:

Just Pencil Me In.

As my kids are getting older, I felt that I have left the new mommy funny story stage of all the antics my kids get into. As they are getting older, I feel the increasing need to protect their privacy. Life events are becoming their stories and are not mine to share.

My new site will still cover topics of parenting and marriage, but I hope to broaden my scope and include thoughts and exploration of the universal things all parents and women face in this crazy, messy, busy lives we lead. With hopefully some laughs and useful tips thrown in.

I hope to see you over there.