Raising Chickens: As if I didn’t have enough mouths to feed already!

June 23, 2014 Chickens

  Now we have chickens. And I know nothing about them. Thankfully, David is taking over the care and maintenance of these little buggers and I’m googling facts whenever I have the time. Like now. Want to know what chickens can eat besides grain? Pretty much anything, such as table and cooking scraps. We have […]

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Walking a new path

June 16, 2014 Brand Partners

I have heard many people say, “I just don’t have the time”, or “one day when things settle down I’m going to get around to it”. I get it, I really do. We live in a demand-driven society with responsibilities that must be placed 1st on our lists. With four kids, a job, and a home […]

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Facebook – the name nazi

June 8, 2014 musings from my somewhat sane mind

I am having a love hate hate relationship with Facebook lately. Our relationship became so rocky I accepted defeat and deleted my blog’s Facebook page. It wasn’t worth my time when only 5 people would see anything I posted there. So I became angry and said “BE GONE you…you…Facebook page!” Then I started using my […]

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So apparently we are raising kids who don’t know how to meet people

June 3, 2014 Current Events

I don’t know whether to feel so sorry for our world today or applaud this new product…or maybe both. Yes, I guess both.  But seriously, really? Kids have turned into such an anti social population that they don’t know how to just throw their hand up, give a friendly nod and say “hello, I’m Emma.” […]

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Dear Diary: When I was 35 I wanted a condo in the city – now I live on a farm

May 27, 2014 Dear Diary

And I really never saw that one coming. It’s funny how life takes you on a detour sometimes and you end up in a place you never planned on being, or a place you hadn’t ever considered before. And what really surprises me, is that I don’t mind scooping poop every morning. I know, weird, […]

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Dear young woman with road rage who bullied my mother in law

May 22, 2014 Open Letters

  To the young woman who bullied my 83 year old mother in law on the road. I would like to encourage you to learn compassion. I don’t know who you are or what your life’s circumstances are that caused you to be so irrational and angry while driving behind my mother in law last […]

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