The Colonoscopy Diaries – Part 2

June 28, 2014 musings from my somewhat sane mind

All I can say is find a doctor who uses Gatorade or pills for prep. Y’all, I’m telling you…the prep the day before a colonoscopy is horrible. When I picked up my gallon container of colon prep, I had no idea what was in store for me. I mixed it “to the fill line” with […]

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The Colonoscopy Diaries – part 1

June 26, 2014 musings from my somewhat sane mind

A lot happens when you turn 50. The joy of inexperience is behind you, as well as the mistakes. The joy of looking ahead to new paths that you now have the time, and means, to explore. The joy of knowing what you became when you grew up. And your age 50 first colonoscopy. And […]

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Raising Chickens: As if I didn’t have enough mouths to feed already!

June 23, 2014 Chickens

  Now we have chickens. And I know nothing about them. Thankfully, David is taking over the care and maintenance of these little buggers and I’m googling facts whenever I have the time. Like now. Want to know what chickens can eat besides grain? Pretty much anything, such as table and cooking scraps. We have […]

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Walking a new path

June 16, 2014 Brand Partners

I have heard many people say, “I just don’t have the time”, or “one day when things settle down I’m going to get around to it”. I get it, I really do. We live in a demand-driven society with responsibilities that must be placed 1st on our lists. With four kids, a job, and a home […]

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Facebook – the name nazi

June 8, 2014 musings from my somewhat sane mind

I am having a love hate hate relationship with Facebook lately. Our relationship became so rocky I accepted defeat and deleted my blog’s Facebook page. It wasn’t worth my time when only 5 people would see anything I posted there. So I became angry and said “BE GONE you…you…Facebook page!” Then I started using my […]

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So apparently we are raising kids who don’t know how to meet people

June 3, 2014 Current Events

I don’t know whether to feel so sorry for our world today or applaud this new product…or maybe both. Yes, I guess both.  But seriously, really? Kids have turned into such an anti social population that they don’t know how to just throw their hand up, give a friendly nod and say “hello, I’m Emma.” […]

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